Samadhi Retreats

Long Stay

Long Stay



Our properties are designed and built in line with our philosophy (Samadhi): to invite you into our state of mind where you'll engage both mind and senses to indulge.

The long walkways leading into the main entrance, a distinctive feature at each Samadhi property is essentially a metaphor; your 'gateway to a dream state'. Beckoned by strong core values which center around protecting and preserving mother nature, we build responsibly, operate eco-consciously and advocate to leave wildlife and their habitats unharmed in the process. It is therefore important that we craft each property with deliberation - we use only salvaged timber, create one-of-a-kind concepts fashioned with significantly strong overtones of natural materials and their natural-rawness. All of which eventually became Samadhi Retreats 'Rustic-Luxe' brand essence and image.

Our company takes inspiration from nature, build around nature hence fundamentally designed by nature. Along with this is a deeply-instilled Asian hospitality, personal service and sincere kindness which sums the whole Samadhi experience.