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About Tioman Island

Tioman Island is reputed to be the most unspoilt island on the east coast of Malaysia. The island and its archipelago form a large marine parkĀ - a tropical paradise reputed for its under-developed, well preserved state of island charm. While its shores showcase quaint villages, quiet white beaches and remarkable jungle trails through a 150-million-year old rainforest, its turquoise sea incarnates stunning aquatic life and colourful underwater gardens with coral-festooned walls and pinnacles.

The ancient rainforest sets the vastly green backdrop of the entire island. The spectacular mountainous ridge, framed and surrounded by huge granite boulders, caves and cliffs, and bejeweled with waterfalls, rivers and streams, is home to Tioman's incredibly rich tropical flora and fauna, as well as wildlife unique to the island itself.

An intriguing local legend tells the tale of a dragon princess who, en route from China to Singapore, found nirvana amidst the crystal clear waters of her surroundings. Captivated by its ravishing beauty, she then transformed her body into the island itself so that she could remain in its waters forever.