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Explore the unknown and uncover the real Kuala Lumpur. Hit the road for a culinary adventure with a scenic drive that takes you to unusual destinations for a truly intimate insight into Malaysia.

TWS Daytrip

City Tour

Discover the best of modern and historic Kuala Lumpur. Embark on a 4-hour tour that will take you from the historic Chinatown to the stately Istana Negara.

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Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah

Observe majestic elephants and the extreme care that is put into the rehabilitation and relocation of this endangered species.

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Historic Malacca

Steeped in rich history, discover Malacca's unique heritage and culture. Indulge in authentic Baba Nyonya cuisine famed for its unique use of spices.

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Fraser Hill

Located around 100 km north of KL, visit a hill that holds the most colonial-era charm. This cool, quiet and relatively undeveloped location offers hiking and birdwatching as well as old-world accommodation options.

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Taman Negara

Visit a 130 million year old forest where ancient trees with gargantuan buttress root systems dwarf luminescent fungi, wild orchids, two-tone ferns and even the giant rafflesia - the world’s largest flower.

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Evening Food Tour

Discover the vibrant streets of Kuala Lumpur at night by passing through the maze of narrow streets lined with red lanterns and night markets that offer overabundance of delicious street food and culture.

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Heritage Food Tour

Join us as we guide you on a culinary journey to explore Kuala Lumpur’s famed street food, from the Pudu Market to Chinatown for a hearty bowl of Hokkien Mee and traditional Indian sweets in Little India.

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Batu Caves

Discover the best of modern and historic Kuala Lumpur. Embark on a 4-hour tour that will take you from the historic Chinatown to the stately Istana Negara.

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Kuala Selangor

Traverse through paddy fields, explore the traditions and cultures of the local community and end your trip with a seafood lunch on a stilted restaurant.

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Brunch at Broga Hill

Rising 400 metres above sprawling rainforests and oil palm plantations, Broga Hills is a hidden gem popular amongst locals. Climb to the peak for spectacular views and enjoy a sumptuous brunch.

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