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Discover untouched corners of paradise in your very own private SUV, guide and chauffeur. Take the scenic route on a journey as spectacular as its destination and let us create a gateway to opportunities you may never have imagined. All itineraries include extensive options and activities, allowing you to customise your experience to match your own interests.

SUV Tours

12-Days Heritage Tour

Explore Malaysia from a local perspective. Meander through bustling streets and quaint alleyways for a gastronomic adventure, and visit sights steeped in rich history.

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11-Days Wildlife Tour

Crafted for the adventurous, the 11-day wildlife trip encompasses a rainforest trek to view the largest floret in the world; the Rafflesia, and a guided tour that will take you through the enchanting and breathtaking view of East Coast Malaysia.

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10-Days Winter Tour

Embark on a cross-country adventure across the Malaysian Peninsula and deepen your appreciation of the famed local street food and visit an idyllic tropical paradise and home to the most diverse tropical ecosystems on the planet.

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